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Ladies and gentlemen!

Historical and Social Dance Association of Russia
Trianon studio
(directed by Egor Anosov and Elana Anosova)

invite you to

The Grand Ball in Altenburg

It will take place on 11 of May 2019 in Altenburg, Germany
We invite you to dance in marvellous ballrooms, get to know many dancers from Russia, Germany, France and Italy,
take pictures of old castle and cathedral, and spend wonderful time in the atmosphere of 19th century.

The price of the Ball is 80 euros
Please note: if you make money transfer from a card to Paypal account you will need to add 5% (4 euros) fee because of the Paypal policy.

If you have questions please contact us: info@trianon-studio.ru (Egor and Elana)
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The Ball will be held on 11 May in Altenburg but we recommend you to stay in Dresden.
Our plan is to order some buses for all dancers to go from Dresden to Altenburg on 11 May in the morning and back at night!
The day before the ball we will try to make a rehearsal class (in Dresden) to walk through all the dances for the ball.

The list of the dances for the ball:
Free waltzes, polkas and mazurkas and different types of cotillions and ball games
Spanish waltz
Paganini waltz
Cambrige waltz countrydance
Duke of Kent`s waltz countrydance
Tha last dance countyrdance
Belle of the ball countrydance
French quadrille
Lancers quadrille
Bohemian national Polka
Romany polka
Carrousel march

XI International Historical Dance Festival
will take place in Moscow from 17 to 25 August.

The teachers:
Sylvia Hartung (Germany)
Arnaud Degioanni (France)
Julien Tiberghien and Marie-Emilie Capelle (France)
Viktoria Toporova and Vsevolod Zhdanov (Russia, Moscow)
Elana Anosova and Egor Anosov (Russia, Moscow)

The balls:
Ragtime Ball
Russian Ball
and the traditional Grand Ball in one of Moscow Palaces

  You can see more information at the webpage