About us

Studio " Trianon" exists since January 2007

Directors of the studio are Elana Anosova and Egor Anosov.

Studio of historical and social dance " Trianon" offers for historical dance teachers and their students tradition and culture of early century dancing and prefer not only to reconstruct and study European ballroom tradition of previous centuries, but also to continue it nowdays.
That`s why among the dances studied in Trianon studio there are original dances of XIX century and also Italian, European and American programs created in the tradition of the XIX and XX centuries . Also the school study the tradition of European, English, Scottish and American country dances .
All this is reflected in the general program of Trianon studio, which is focused on a variety of historical and social dance , as well as on the continuity and development of ballroom traditions.
Trianon studio makes classes both for beginners and experienced dancers, both for students and older people . Dance training is combined with lectures of the historical and musical themes written by the leading European and Russian dancing masters. Every year, improve teaching methods , introduce new items , dancing evenings and big balls. Within five years the studio has been successfully conducting international Festival of Historical Dance.

• Cooperates with many schools in Russia , Italy, Czech Republic , Finland, the Netherlands , UK, USA .
• Every few months makes costume balls and dance parties
• For many years organizes International Festival of Historical Dance
• Organizes travellings to interesting events in other cities and countries .
• Made shows for different events in all districts of Moscow
• Took active part in the celebration of the 200th anniversary of 1812 year. Including the large show in Peterhof.
• Made the perfomances for some corporate events including MDM , Tsaritsyno, Lefortovo
• Collaborates with historic mansions of Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia
• Makes performances, help with the wedding dances , makes costumes , photographes.